Schematics 2014

10:03 AM

My friend sent me this link about Schematics 2014. I love the design! Schematics itself is a big event which held by ITS Informatics Engineering. Schematics divided by 4 big sub-events which are NST (National Seminar Technology), NLC (National Logic Competition), NPC (National Programming Competition) and REEVA (Revolutionary Entertainment and Expo with Various Arts). I ever mentioned before here that my friend Kincuw was Schematics 2010's head committee. And i was the head committee from REEVA. In 2010 we were changing the entirely concept of REEVA. Because REEVA year before only for Reunion for the alumni. Well, i didnt very like the idea so i asked Kincu to change the whole concept. So, our REEVA 2010 were the first time ever used Art Show concept. Here is our logo for each event.

you can read the whole event from my friend's blog here.

But, this year SCHEMATICS 2014 will be held in the same place like previous years. You can get the info from their web or you get in touch by twitter. With this year's theme Invade The World Through Art and Technology. I love what they've done with the web. Love the color, the smooth slide , and love the icon too. Here's a few glance from their website.

So, if you are high school fella in Indonesia, you should join this competition.
Good luck!


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