Iftar Marathon : Ciwi-Ciwi

6:32 PM

Happy fasting everyone! I know it's late to say this but um, may you have a great lessons to learned and continuing that after Ramadhan :)
Like every year in Ramadhan, there will be plenty invitation for Iftar from here and there. It was like every weekend i went out for Iftar with (not quite) different people. So i'll post in separate post.

Last weekend i had Iftar with Ciwi-Ciwi or the girls. Iena actually came from Bandung so she could have iftar with us. We eat at Ninety-Nine in GI. love the place because they have pattern tiles (i'm a sucker of it) and their meal is delicious too. You can get free takjil during Ramadhan.

And we decided to but this "Friendship Bracelets". I know it sounds so high school , but it it cute!
We continue to had some sweet drinks after
Happy fasting!

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