Iftar Marathon : A Birthday, A farewell and A New Job

8:35 AM

Actually last night's iftar was celebrate 3 occasions. Kincuw's super late birthday, Helsi's farewel Party :( , and Rendi's new job. We went to Tairyo Japanese Restaurant, and sat in Teppanyaki section so we could see the chef cooking in front of us. I made the invitation for last night Iftar..

It was fun, looking the chef cooking with full skill like that. My favorite is mushroom coated with meat. I thought it was squid at first, but it is actually meat. The sauce is super yumm! You can order sushi as much as you want. Until today i still feeling bloated because too much eating. It was like the food keep coming and we didnt have a time to take a breath. But it was worth it, their okonomiyaki is good too!

After eating like crazy we went to Warung Tinggi, it is across Tairyo to have some drinks and more talk. We usually meet every weekend but once we meet and talk, it always like we didnt meet each other for years, non stop talking and laughing all the way.
Happy birthday again Kincuw, have a great year a head to you. But still, mana sendok sama sumpitku!!!
Actually Helsi will be back to Surabaya in late August and it makes me super sad :( my best friend will no longer in the same town with me :( good luck Helsay!
Congrats Rendi for your new job (yay!). Right now you stay in Jakarta not in Tangerang so we could going out more and till late :p Congrats once again pak Asman!

Tairyo Japanese Restaurant
Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 5 NO 11 & 11 C
Open hours: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, 5:00 – 10:00 pm

Warung Tinggi
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town West Mall 5TH
Open hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm  


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