Happy Birthday Kincuw!

8:57 AM

Yesterday this guy was having his 24th birthday. As i promise in my prev post, i'll write about my friends who currently have their birthday.  This time is Kincuw's turn.
He was my colleagues back in ITS, we took the same major and classes. He was the 'head committee' of biggest event in our campus called SCHEMATICS. He was choosing me for being 'ketua panitia' one of the main event, Reeva. He is a good leader and really good at budgeting. He loves traveling, like so much. He loves hiking, diving and others adrenaline rush-thingy. He has dream for having a travel agent so he could go everywhere.
He is the most straight forwarded person i know, he will scold anyone (event his friends, his mom, or the waitress) if he found something that doesn't seem right. Sometime that is annoying for me haha . But he is a good guy truly, and he is single too (anyone? maybe? :p)
He is currently in Suwon, South Korea because of his work. He said he'll be back in the end of the month. We are waiting for some goodies he bought for us from Seoul :D

Saengil chukka hamnida kins! I wish you all the best. Will found 'the one' sooner because you don't want marry too old for the sake of your future kids. Go back here soon, and don't forget the goodies..


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