Interior I Love

9:15 AM

If you want to build a new house or re-work your old house, i'll tell you Pinterest have sooo much idea for it. From the rustic to modern, go all white or go crazy with mismatching color chair, there are plenty! I love pinning my favorite interior decor in my board in Pinterest. As you can see mostly, i love mismatching color for chair, i think it's kinda cool. Having all white paint wall but you have these colorful furniture, that's a dream! Below is some of my favorite from around Pinterest world, please go ahead.

Blue wooden wall. picture from here
mismatching chair and the color. Picture from here
Who doesnt love this pink stair? cause i do! Picture from here
Mismatching chair with same blue color. Picture from here
Bathroom in blue? yes please! Picture from here
Blue fridge! but yes i love this small pretty kitchen also. Picture from here
You can do the triangle by yourself. Picture from here
Color, everywhere! Picture from here
Those are some of my favorite. I love house which has many natural light, it makes the house looks bright and beautiful.

Happy arranging!


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