Sweet Pink

9:11 AM

Went out with these girls, we were accidentally wearing pink that day. So we decided to have photobox session. It's been awhile since the last time i took photobox thingy. And it turned out very cute, we wore so pinky-is :)

Pancious has the best pancake and Waffle!!! Their green tea sauce is incredible!

This was my first time tasting Gnocchi, me likey very much!

Still with pink-ish thing. I just bought this lipstick from Revlon called Revlon Colorburst. I have lipstick from The Body Shop but the color sometimes too "red" for my self who doesnt do make up daily. I use Body Shop's Lipstick only in weekend or special occasion. So i want lipstick which i can wear daily or at work. I choose Revlon because the price is cheap and i dont need  some special one. Revlon has this lipstick which is very cute because it looked like a crayon! They have various colors, but this matte pink one is sooooo cute. Match perfectly with my skin tone also. My friends told me the color is very lippy (you know, same tone with your lip. I dont know what you guys called it :p ) But it makes my face doesnt look pale, that's what i need! The price only IDR88K and because Helsi bought foundation too we got 10% disc. Hooray!
Ah one more thing, the smell from this lipstick is similar with mint buble gum,YUM!

I never been this happy and satisfied after buying a lipstick. hahaha

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