Happy Birthday Dimas!

9:27 AM

I'm gonna write about my friend who has birthday lately, and i will continue writing this for every friends i have. Actually i ever write about my friend's birthday here but i didnt tell you who the person descriptively.
This time i'll write about my own best friend since high school , Agustinus Dimas (or sometimes we called each other with cursing words).
He had his birthday in May, 25th. Yup, we only separated 15 days but we are totally different person and personality. We were a classmate in the second year of high school, i dont remember how we end up calling each other best friend, all i can remember is he was the meanest kid towards me in class. But one day, when our class had "farewell party" he said something very nice about me that i'm the one who listen him well. I always remember this thing because i always tease him with those words (ha!).
After high school graduation, he moves to Bandung but our friendship still going. We talk like once a months or if there wass something important or one of us in love or broke up. We dont talk much and we barely seeing in other once a year but when we do we could talk for hours without stopping. We usually using "Bad words" to each other. We dont mind to cursing each other even in front of others. Sometimes i think, we have really weird friendship. We fight a lot too, we didnt talk like months that time (such a kid).
I can talk about everything but mostly about movies with him. We ever randomly went to cinema at midnight just to watched Thor. But as we become adult, our conversation become more mature. We talk about the future, about dreams, about our fear. One thing i love mostly about him is he is fair person. He never say something that comfort me, no he never do that. He will say something that i need to do. But i am a stubborn kinda gal, so i'd just go whatever i feel (or think) right. But when i admit that i was wrong, he would be the one who say "TOLD YA!". But i thank him for that, he open my eyes when i was blinded by love.
He ever had those crappy relationship too, well everybody did, but i think he still enjoying his time of his life so i wont worry too much about his love life thingy.

Happy birthday Dimas! The bestfriend slash arch enemy. I hope you have a great year a head. Everything (master degree, work, love, moving on from the previous one also :p ) going smooth without any serious obstacles. I'll sent the list you should buy for me when you go to Korea next month :D God Speed!


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