Easy Terrarium

10:43 AM

My first terrarium hooray! I’ve been eyeing to make terrarium since ages. As you can see from here and here, cute right?. And now I have reason to make, for a birthday gift to my friend. And here it is Dino Terrarium made by me!

I’m gonna tell how to make an easy one. It‘s pretty easy, you only need half hour to finish it, easy right! So here we go.
What you need :
1.       Plant ( you can choose whatever you like, mostly cacti and succulent cause those plant doesn’t need too much care)
2.       Soil
3.       Mason Jar (you can use fish bowl or any other jar too)
4.       Stones (for  drainage)
5.       Dino (or anything you like for make it more pretty)
6.       Scissor (because you never know, right?)
 Steps by Steps :
1.       Put the stones in bottom layer. Stones are for drainage, since the jar doesn’t have drainage hole.
2.       Put the soil above it, do not put too many soil. Make hole in the middle of the soil so you can put plant correctly.
3.       Put your plant inside the jar.
4.       Here’s the fun part, decorate it as you like. I put color stone on the top layer and add Dino also. If you have small toy you can put that there.
5.       Done and Done!
      Because I want to give it to my friend, I decorated it more. I add a bow and small rope around the jar. I also add some “Plant Maintenance” for information to the owner.
To maintenance the terrarium is pretty easy too. You only need sprinkle (not watering) it once or twice a week. Succulent or Cacti are kinda type don’t need too many water. You need sprinkle water until the soil looks damp.
And don’t forget not put the terrarium in direct sun light, just put it in the shade. It will live long time.

Have fun making yours!


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