Counting The Day

11:54 AM

What's gotten into me? Blogging twice a week like this? do i have more spare time?? HA! i wish i had, actually it's the busiest month. But you know, the more busy i am the more i have some enlightenment for blogging (lol).
So, i'm counting days to turning 24. Yep, i will be adding age this week. Scary or what?! I already write about my thought of being 24 in here. Sometimes i don't want to believe that i will be that old, i mean i still act silly and ignorance all the time. But you know, maturity doesnt measured by age right. I hope i'll come to that layer sooner.
But i always love my birthday because birthday is a day when everyone be nice to you and you will be the center of attention. Knowing that there's still someone who care for you with sending you birthday greeting will gonna make your day even warmer. That's why i love making "The birthday boy or girl" feels special. They deserved it, it was their birthday anyway. Give them a nice greeting or give them a small present would be nice.
I wish i won't do stupid things this week. I remember one day before my 22nd birthday i had accident, and you know what my first said when i hit the road? "But tomorrow is my birthday", and my nose bleeding that was when i got scared because had accident. When i told my friends about this they were laughing hard. I mean it was just popping out of nowhere. I wish this week goes smoothly, AAMEEN!!

This is so cute, i want for my birthday :p

I will give you my recent playlist, mostly from Breakfast, Holley Maher , Betty Who and Lenka.
Holley Maher - Fall For You
Holley Maher - Hiding Place
Holley Maher - Perfect Day
Breakfast - Valsa Triste
Breakfast - Moon Snow
Betty Who - Giving Me Away
Betty Who -  Alone Again
Lenka - Honeybee
Lenka - Heart to the Party
Monster And Men - Numb Bears
Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing
M83 - I Need You
Woodkid - I love You


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