Turning 24

7:19 AM

This post clearly only my thought lately. i've been feeling insecure about my age which is turning 24. And i just realize it is a big number!
The horror thing about turning older is "WHAT WILL YOU DO ABOUT YOUR LIFE?" . I mean, you can not answer with shrugging shoulder or pouting your lips and say "umm..i dont know". I was like that, sometimes i get lost. 
But watching my friends and people around me growing so fast with their life, it makes me happy but crazily scared in the same way. They already decided something important for them in their whole life. Something like moving to another job, taking master degree with scholarship or just end up with biggest (and scariest) decision, MARRIED!
My parent do encourage me to get the best in my life. Even it is for the job, school, or boyfriend. Alhamdulilah i  have good job in great company also went to a great schools. But for the last one, boyfriend, i still cant figure out HOW or WHEN or WHY.

Marriage is the biggest step in people life. You'll give your body and soul even your time to another person and will fully devoted to him/her. but my question is "HOW DO YOU KNOW HE/SHE IS THE ONE?". How you could be so sure they're the one.
I've been dying to ask that question to my friends who will engaged or marry soon. How you make yourself clearly sure he/she is the one?
If your answer with "I just knew it" , i'm not buying it. Because feeling mostly only blinding us to see clearly. I've been in crappy relationships, and i thought he was the one, but you have no idea how devastated i am when i knew he clearly not.
Even you already in long relationship, i dont think it's clear enough to decided he/she is the one.
The movies i always watching give the term of The One sometimes in cheesy way. It is sweet but i dont think everyone get something like that. Still i can not figure out the term The One in real way.

My parent rarely talking about this matter, but because i think they know that in 2014 i'm going to  24 years old and i'm the first daughter, they start to asking "When will you get married?".
BANG!DANG! that question just hit my head hard. Because they always the one who answering the question from my big family about this matter. They were answer with term "She's too young, no no married still long way to go". And i'm happy because i didnt need to answer that question which is mostly scary for some people.
But now my parent are the one who asking the question. I COULD NOT ANSWER IT. I was just standing there with giggling and smile like idiot and said "umm...i dont know". Disaster!!

You can not force yourself to find "The one", I think they'll come unexpectedly in your life. But i think what you and i can do now is making ourselves better in every way. Al-Quran say that "A good woman is for a good man". And i am believing that.
Guess who never know that you'll meet the one today or a year later. But just hope they'll come sooner :p

Have a great weeekend!


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