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I've been purchasing this pretty bracelet from Kimilatta. Kimilatta is a mysterious young lady who loves to create alluring handcrafted jewelries and lives in a treehouse with her ponycorn in Drömkittle, an imaginary world for magical creatures you’ve never seen before. Kimilatta lives her daily life with great enthusiasm as she keeps on discovering new whimsical places in Drömkittle from Eastlandy to Westlandy, which inspiring her very own creation (Source here) .
I love how she describe herself. 

Well, this is't my first purchasing, i have a necklace from Kimilatta as well, i bought it when i was in first or second year college. I love bracelet, but not gold-ish or mom-own-it kinda type. I like quirky one, which made from wood or some unique stone. And Kimilatta has the same taste with me (high five!).
I send Kimilatta the picture of bracelet i want, and she replied (which very fast) that she could do it for me (yay!). Yes, you can order your own custom or you can pick your favorite here in her catalog. She named my bracelet as Skullita Bracelet, cute!

So, here's mine.

 Thank you very much Kimilatta!


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