Happy Birthday Tegar!

3:08 PM

Today is Tegar's turn. He is one of my closest friend since college. Tegar is always being the first person that pop in our brain if we want to go out, because he always available (in a good way). He is truly a good friend and someone can counted for. He likes adventure too, that's why he always available if being asked to go for some adventure. He is the most forgetful person i know, when he lost his key we dont act so surprise. "Kunci Gar" is always become the first sentence we ask him before leaving.

Tegar is honest and very kind. Actually he celebrated his birthday last weekend when we had Sahur on the road together. He bought meal for people on the street, and we helped him to give it to them. How generous right?. and he's still single too (how could i have so many single friends around -__-". kidding).

Happy birthday Gar! Wishing you all the best in the world. And because today we have the same flight to go home, i'll buy you some small cake for celebrate your bithday haha


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