Iftar Marathon : TC 2008

8:18 AM

Last Saturday i had Iftar with my college friends which stay in Jabodetabek-Bdg. It was a blast! 51 person came and we were like wont stop chatting with each others. It was like coming back to college time once again. And this year, there are 2 littles who became highlight of the day. Diah & Faris brought their twin boys and we all wanted to hug them all the time.

And some of us continued the night with coffee talk at The Djournal.

Thank you for coming guys!

Penang Bistro
Grand Indonesia, West Mall 3A floor. unit ED - 1/10. Jakarta Pusat
Phone: +6221 - 2358 0958
Open hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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