Happy Birthday C18!

1:14 PM

Today is C-18 anniversary! It's been 5 years togetherness. I'm so grateful and honored to have such loving friends like them. "Pengkaderan" which scary for most freshmen was become lighter because of them. Everyday we gathered in campus just to do some crazy assignments from our seniors, but that was making us closer and closer.
There are so many stories to tell, problems to solve, and laugh to share with them. No matter how distance we are now my friends, we are all close by heart.
We lost a friend once, it was a tragedy. Daus, a loving friend and one of our family passed away one day after we officially become C18. Don't worry, you'll forever be missed :)
And again, Happiest birthday to my second home and family C-18! I love you guys so much. God speed!


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