Welcoming 2015

11:20 AM

Time does fly so fast. It's like i just write about my resolution for 2014 and now i need to write something for 2015. and Hello 25 years old.
Tomorrow is a new year, and today is the last day from the 2014. Have you reflect? What have you done the whole year? People busy making resolution for next year to becoming a better self, but sometime we forget to reflect from the past. Well, i think our past could make us a better self too.
How many resolution you made last year really really work on? Me? I think it was only couples of it hahaha.
Reflecting what we've done so far could impact what we should do more in the next year. Reminiscing the conversation with everyone you've ever had, remembering places you've been visiting, or learning from the mistake(s) you've made. Because when we're busy making resolution but forget to reflecting the whole past year, we won't learn anything.
Let's rewind what i did in the past year, shall we :)
  • I made simple DIY for my self and some parties. It makes me feel good about myself when they said thank you for the party.( so more DIY gift resolution)
  • Went abroad at least once and traveling in place i love and new place. I'm so gonna do another traveling in the next year.
  • I dont think i read many books this year, so yes i should read more and make a review about it.
  • Too many food this year, and too many pricey food also. I need to save more and exercise more also (another resolutions!)
  • I spent so many times with my friends and family and that's a good thing (gonna keep it for next year)
  • My friends are married and starting a new life, that's what i need to look for in the next year (hopefully)
  • I wrote about them on their birthday, hopefully i will give some birthday-mail too (resolution!)
  • I lost my phone (it was only a month old), so i need to give extra care for my things and not doing anything in a hurry.
  • I'm becoming this grumpier gals lately, i really need to slow things down and not easily freaked out when things didn't go as i planned. (deeply sorry for those i "silent-treatment"ed).
  • I learned to let go and walk away from something or someone that giving me a bad vibes or i know it won't work for both ways.
That was pretty much i did in the past year, and one thing i love i blogged more so i wont lost track about what happened in my life. So, what's you've done the past year?
Oh i hope you have a very wonderful new year's eve for those who celebrate. Let's rock this 2015, woohoo!!!
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