IKEA Indonesia

8:44 AM

People always have place which they feel it's made for them, like bookstore or clothes store. For me, furniture or home decor  and grocery place are my place. I love spent my whole day just "window shopping" inside Ace Hardware or Super Indo just to see one by one what's in the store. And Finally IKEA opens in my country! yay for cute and simple product for us!
Located in Alam Sutera which very far from my place (please open in Jakarta please!) but curiosity kills cat, we headed to Ikea no matter what.
We spent seven freaking hours inside IKEA and it was fun and made us super starving after.

One thing caught my eyes, they have absolutely gorgeous paint!
Our favorite kitchen+dining room
This is so good!

Like IKEA said, it's better make a plan about what you want to buy. So you dont have to circling around whole store to search what you want. Because it's tiring, really.

IKEA Indonesia
Jl. Jalur Sutera Boulevard No. 45. Alam Sutera Serpong,
Open Hours: 10am-10pm 


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