A Beautiful Mess: Happy Handmade Home

8:18 AM

My dream book has arrived like couple months a go and i love everything in it. From my favorite duo sisters slash blogger Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess, which i read every morning since i was in my second year college. Unfortunately they dont sell the book in my country, so i need to buy it from Barnes and Nobles and it takes a month until it arrived to me (and hello for pricey international delivery).

You need this book if you want to make DIY for everything in your house. They have tips for small and easy things, for party, for kids, easy recipes, and even for the advance DIY-ers. With their specialty, yes good pictures and cool friends. How could bunch of cool people in one frame and have really cool backyard party (sigh).

I want to buy the first book, A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book. Hopefully next year :D


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