De Mandailing Cafe

8:13 AM

Juned told me about this place and we decided to go there for friends-gathering with Dimas too. It's been a year i guess we had this quality time like this. I know they'll bullied and laugh at me, but i bear with them this time :| .

De Mandailing Cafe placed at Klampis, near Ayam Goreng Pemuda. It's small cafe but when you enter the cafe you know the place is hype. Mostly the customers are college student because they bring their laptop and books for study ( I never do this, how could you study inside a cafe? dont you will talk to each other instead?). You must order their XL Pancake, it's sooo good. Love it so much!

De Mandailing Cafe
Jl. Klampis Jaya 9A Blok B1, Surabaya
Open hours: 11am - 11pm


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