No Baked Chocolate Oatmeal

3:02 PM

Still on my holiday, but unfortunatelly today is the last day :(.
This is a quick post about chocolate recipes, i'm not sure this one called as a recipes, because it's too easy and only have 2 ingredients, instant oatmeal and chocolate.
I usually made this at home because one, it's easy and two, it's super easy and yummy. You could replace the oatmeal with cereal or raisin if you like (i dont like raisins, period!).

Oatmeal Chocolate
(Make approx : a dozen)

- Half pack of Instant Oatmeal
- 1 box compound chocolate

How To :
1. Melt the chocolate using this tips.
2. After the chocolate melting perfectly, pour the oatmeal into the chocolate
3. Mix them together until everything blend
4. Put the mix onto wax paper or if you dont have wax paper you could use ice mold.
5. Wait until chocolate become chocolate solid (dont put it inside refrigerator).
6. Remove it from the plate and put into your favorite cookie jar
7. or you can save it for later in refrigerator.
8. Done

It's super easy hahaha, sometimes i replace oatmeal with cookies crumble or cereal.

Happy Making, and happy holiday!


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