Pasar Santa

10:17 AM

So they say if you've never been here, you can not be called as Jakartans. Silly, i knooow. But after went there last Saturday i knew why the said that.The place does look like Traditional market from outside. But when you go to 2nd floor, whoaa the crowd of Jakartans who spending their Saturday night are packed in one place. You can find small but unique places to eat or drink coffee. Because we couldnt find place to sit so we wandered around and thankfully there's a place which sell claypot rice, Claypot Popo. It is delicious! I happened to try Creme Brulee with Nuttela topping in Labruleetory too.
*sorry for the blurry images

Next time, definitely i will queue for the black dog.

Pasar Santa
Jalan Cisanggiri II, Indonesia
Open Hours : 15.00-23.00
But better go there before 6 pm, because at 9pm mostly they're sold out.


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