EXO The Lost Planet

8:35 AM

Okay, i think this is my biggest guilty pleasure since years a go, yep KPOP. It's totally my sis's fault. She introduced me with them and i drowned deeper ever since. I'm a little bit ELF, biggest SONE and a loving pround EXO-L. I'm never been so crazy about some group or band like this. I love EXO since the first showcase, i wrote one of them, here. Embarrassing, i knoooowwww right. The first kpop concert was SNSD or Girls's Generation. I cried my eyes out when i saw their opening VCR (it was their introducing video), i mean it was only freaking VCR and i cried like crazy and couldnt control my emotions.
I was devastated when i heard Kris is leaving EXO. I mean why when they'll have first concert in my country, whyyyyyyyyy!!!! My dream to see him live now broken :( .
Here's some pictures i took from saturday.

I'm so happy finally be able to see them live! There was drizzle during Encore, but fortunately when Lucky played, the rain stop. Sehun had some injury during rehearsal, that's why he didn't have his solo performance and during Wolf until Growl he was just sit not dance with others (poor tehuna). When i saw concert like this my bias become completely changed! I love Lay, D.O, Baekhyun and Suho. I dont know, they looked so charming in the stage. The other members were great but they were really catch my eyes and my heart away!
The stage was big and high and had really great lighting. The crowd? unbelievable crowded! It was crazy hahaha so many EXO-L came from everywhere part of country.
I'm surely done with this kinda things. I love them with all my heart but i have to grow up (lol). It's was a good time boys, you are all grown up now, and become more handsome and great. I'm a proud! (sobs)
And for Kris or Wufan, they got confused in this cruel world without their translator. They couldnt greet us with english as good as you always do. It was disaster seeing them speak english hahaha, Lay please stop using english (but i love still love you). It might be selfish but it would be great if we could seeing you up there with the other boys and you're play around with Chanyeol or Tao.
It will always OT 12 in my heart and only OT 11 in my eyes.

We are one!


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