11:48 AM

This thing become popular in my IG, i've been tagged by Helsi and my sis, but i dont want to make people annoyed with mine, so i'll post here :D

1. I misspell R. I used to hate that, now i dont give a s*
2. I hate it when people put my name wrong or say it wrong (it's SZA!")
3. A kid by heart
4. Whenever i'm sick, sad or just dont feel well i watch Jurassic Park, it makes me feel better but my friends think that is a psycho
5. Cause i'm a B type sometimes i speak whatever troubled me and it annoyed my friends
6. I like to keep my room dark or only with twinkle light like whole day. It makes me feel safe and sleepy
7. I have the best family in whole world!
8. I'm a SONE and EXO-L
9. I believe in Peter Pan and stuffs (first crush)
10. I get easily hungry
11. I suck at giving direction and reading map
12. My favorite color is blue, brown, white and pink!
13. I have this friends circle that i cant live without
14. i spend my day browsing Pinterest
15. I want to have my own party planner or Ice cream parlour
16. I fascinate with people who speak British accent
17. Bhutan is my number one list to go with my future husband
18. Shoes are my kryptonite
19. I like decorating anything
20. When i fall in love it always look obvious.

Have a nice day!


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