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I spent my weekend camping at Mount Papandayan. It is located in Garut, West Java. The elevation is 2,665 m or 8,743 ft, and not too difficult for beginner like me. This is my second time to go hiking like this. The first time i dont really remember, it was at night and i didnt bring anything. I forgot what mountain also (what a genius right?). But i do remember that i hiked this mountain, that's all.
So, there were 18 of us who went to Papandayan. Mostly my friends from college, and the others are my friend's workmate. We gathered in Kp.Rambutan and took bus to Terminal Guntur, Garut. We needed to go to Camp David (1st stop) and after eat and pray we're ready to hike!
The view is very beautiful! 2 hours walking (plus stopping because we need to take a picture or ten!) then we arrived at Pondok Saladah, the camping ground. If you want to continue to the peak, you need to walk maybe half or an hour more.

warung, warung everywhere
we called this, makan siang gagal total :p

It was so freezing after 10 p.m and i couldn't feel my feet, really. I kept hoping morning will arise soon because it feels like the longest night ever! We left Pondok Saladah at 9a.m after had breakfast and packed the tent. But first, let us take a selfie.

See you again in another (more) trip to come! It was pleasure having such different and interesting weekend with you guys.
salam #sahabatperjalanan (Kincu, Tegar, Hau, Suci, Rendi, Mocin, Yoyon, Mas Wira, Mba Mira, Monic, Daniel, Nana, Nindy, Fadil, Luqman, Mas Chocky, Hery)

P.s : Thanks to Kincu and Tegar who arranged this trip for us! four tumbs up! Good job boys.


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