Historica Coffee & Pastry

9:35 AM

I went home last weekend because my cousin got married (congrats mba qiqi!). I took a day of from work so i could spent day with my favorite birthday girls, Umik and Helsay. We went out for lunch in Bebek Cak Sandy (my fav). They have the best fried duck and very spicy sambal which i didnt touch, like always.

After had lunch, we went to Historica Coffee & Pastry in Jl.Sumatra 40, Surabaya. This is our first time go there. It's located in the same street with Domicile. The place is quite nice and not too crowded when we went there. Maybe because it was at noon and it was on office hour. But after 3 p.m it gets crowded, so lucky for us.

The price? for me it's similar with coffee shop or sweets parlour around town. We had chance to snap our pictures because there was no too many people haha.

See you in two weeks!

Bebek Cak Sandy
Near SMA komplek, Beside Primagama, Surabaya
Open Hours: 11am-sold out

Historica Coffee and Pastry
Society Complex (Jl. Sumatera No. 40), Surabaya
Open hours: 11am-10pm


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