Sabang 16

8:41 AM

Maybe because yesterday was Ied Adha so every karaoke place were close. Our friend, Aldy, who will soon to be a Husband wanted to have a crazy karaoke time with us or we called it his bachelor party. Unfortunately, every place were close and we decided to go to this place in Sabang street. It wasn't a crazy one, but we talked about his former life. Reminiscing his old life when he was in college. But right now, i won't talk about what we were talking, but about the place, Sabang 16.

Sabang 16 is a coffee shop located in Jalan Haji Agus Salim No.16B Central Jakarta (street behind Sarinah). This is a cute little place, i mean by little, it is very little. If 9 of you go there, you would cramped in corner because other space was taken. But i love the atmosphere, you could sit and read your favorite book or just doing your work with their coffee and toast bread with Kaya jam. The Kaya is sooooo good, i think it's their specialty. We ordered so many i forget one of each. But you need to order Cakue and Spicy wings. I ordered ginger tea and my friend told me that their teh tarik is good too. The price? I'm sorry i didnt see it and because Aldy paid it all, i have no idea how much it was ;p

Congrats for breaking the "single curse" circle in us Aldy! The first who will start his own little family. Hopefully the wedding will go smooth without any serious obstacles, always be a happy husband and a happy wife for Rani :)

Sabang 16
Jalan Haji Agus Salim No.16B, jakarta pusat,
Open Hours: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm


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  1. Wah dekorasinya udah beda, tadinya dindingnya warna merah trus banyak frame2 foto BW gitu.
    Btw, teh tariknya the best that I've drinked so far kayanya Szaa :D

    1. Temen2ku juga pada bilang gitu mbak mir, sekarang jadi mural2 tp lebih keliatan seger sih hehe..
      Aku masih kepikiran roti srikaya nya mba miir, bisa seenak itu lho :D