Happy Birthday Banon!

8:02 AM

I know it was too late, but better late than never, right?right? . Ok, my friend Banon had his birthday like several week a go (i know, i know please dont be mad at me for being such a bad friend). I didnt close with him until we are in the same city like right now. Banon is super cool friend, i mean he works in Bank and if you want to ask about what's happening in the jetsetter thingy, you could ask him (psst..he is single too). His work place is the coolest from our gang as well, SCBD which is he will always wear fancy suit and eat in fancy place. If he read this i know he would hate me because he doesnt like being teased about the fancy thingy.  But hey, we find it cool! He is an easy going person and usually help us or you can say enlighten us about how the bank works.

Happy birthday again Banon. Wishing you have a great year a head! and always being mr.cool banker.


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