Happy Birthday Ita & Helsi!

9:07 AM

Yes, two of my closest friends have the same date birth date. But Ita was born in 1989 and Helsi was in 1990. I'm glad called them bestfriend :) We always together since college, me and Helsi is bestfriend since highschool. I think i already wrote about Helsi more than couples of time, but Umik (i called Ita like that because she's mommy alike) i only write when she had her wedding. Ok, let's talk one by one.

She's the bestest friend since highschool. We were classmate in first grade. We usually talking about everything, i mean everything. And we basically unseparated since then. We choose the same major in college too and became roommate in dorm. We were like 'i choose the same like you choose, so i wont be alone in college' and thank God we entered same major (and have the feeling of 'took wrong major' afterward haha). Our mums know each others too. If one of us go home late, we will give 'went out with Helsi or Szasa' excuse to our parent and they bought it. Helsi is extremely drama queen, and it's kinda cute and not annoying way. She's so good at mimicking Fitri Tropika and Syahrini (she loves them :p ). And when we go for karaoke she'll choose sad songs or Dangdut (she wants to be a singer and our friend called them Helsi Halmahera). She's good at cleaning, everytime she stayed in someone's room, she would be the one who clean it. She's good at cooking too, a true wife-able right? She's the type of stay home mom, love to take care house and (future) husband :)

We were in the same major in college. At first she was close with Helsi first. Because their NPK are consecutive. And we three get closer, she moves to our room in dorm. And then the three of us  also become unseparated. As i said earlier, she's a mom alike. Sometimes she would scold us if we didnt do sometime right or make the room untidy (and mostly me). She's the wisest from the three of us. She's the most famous girl in our class. She's very pretty and so many seniors had eye on her. But finally she give her heart and soul to Mas Doni and they had beautiful wedding. Sometimes i scared meet her now days because she would scold me cause i dont take seriously about love thingy :p she would give me long speech about how relationship and marriage must be going. She's good at managing money. I used to give all my pocket money to her so she could save it for me. And she would gradually give me everyday :p .

So happy yesterday i could meet them and had talk about everything just the three of us. I miss them so much!
Happiest birthday again Helsay and Umik. May happiness always be upon you two. Hopefully Helsi will soon to be wife and Umik soon to be a mother. Aaamiinnn


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