Current Obsession

9:42 PM

I know it's kinda silly, im having this star struck with EXO-M's leader, KRIS!!!!! The first time i saw EXO, because my sister loves EXO, i was not having any interest about it. I just thought that EXO was bunch of boys wearing weird outfits. Seriously, a guy would never wearing that fully feather tank top.
But when i saw their showcase, one person in the corner who the tallest of them all and also the leader really catch my eyes. And after that i'm become duizhang's fangirl :p He's such a gentleman and just like have charisma of a leader. Collecting his pictures is now become my thing LOL

his smile melts my heart :p

he looks like a prince coming from manga

my FAV!!!

this is my first time being crazy about this stuff, really. And it annoys everyone, including my sister. Because i keep ask her about this and that and ask her to get Kris's pictures everytime. Gosh, i'm going crazy!


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