See Ya 2015!

5:10 PM

Creepy isnt it, right now we're already in December and half way through it. Time surely running so fast if we enjoyed it. Let's re run what had happen this year.

- I went abroad for holiday! (check for another list this year) and desperate to have more *winkwink*
- Had major drama because turned 25 years old.
- I joined YISC for the first time and Alhamdulilah Allah give me chances to surround my self with good people.
- Many of my friends (including my best friend) got married this year. Congraaats!
- Jurassic World and Star Wars VII play in the same year. So very happy ;D
- Starting my own party planner (not exactly start the business, i created an IG profile for Leia Projects hahaha still count right?)
- Not being included in too many drama. (That a big deal for me)
- My closest friends have babiessss (i'm an aunt!)
- I rarely hang out with my circle friend. We're just growing apart for good. Having life outside the circle and it was a good call for each and every one of us. But i miss you guys so much we should hang out sometimes!
- In this exact date in 2014 i was just a single gal who pretty much enjoyed her life. But right now i'm somebody's fiance and soon to be somebody's wife. CREEPY, it happened less than a year hahaha.
- I read less than 5 books this year (laaaazy)
- Gained some weight (need more and more and moooore exercise)
- And the end of the year, we are all being Beliebers hahaha (it was a good album guys, no shame)

So thrilled what 2016 will bring to me (and us). New title, new responsibility, new job, new place, new learning, so many new things hahahaaha, scary. But i know it'll be alright, i have someone accompany me through thick and thin :)
See you 2015, you were sweet and challenging full of surprises :)
I'll see you soon 2016, here come the bridezilla! (Kidding)


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