Twenty Five

9:12 AM

Quarter age, scare or what? I had this pre drama on my almost quarter age lately. I'm scared being 25, mostly because in my mind i thought that people will have weapon to attack me with 'what will you do in your future' thingy. 25 is the age, the golden age if i could say. Everyone would think you're an adult. Not an adult 20 something who still search or build a career, but a real one. Well, hopefully this year wont too scary.

I always love the idea of birthday, but this year is kinda different. I specifically told Ibnu 'dont make any surprise(s)' just keep it low(mostly because i'm scared). So he did hahaha, he gave me these tools i want, this flower paper bouq (DIY rule!), and this cheesy note (nope i wont say what's inside it).

So many warm messages through socmed and whattsapp or line or call. My family who still on their holiday sent me this video which really made me happy but teary at the same time. My friends send many warm wishes too.

Thank you thank you millions time, those things really made my day. Well, i guess i may through 25 with happiness. Thanks!


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  1. Happy birthday, Szasa!
    You deserve all the best wishes!

    1. aamiin! thank you mba miir, all the best to you too :)