Ulang Tahun Berlima

8:39 AM

Last Friday we celebrated five birthdays. Yes, we who born on March-April-May (Ulin, Ilham, Indro, Rendi and Me! tho it's not my bday yet) decided to have so called merge-party. Because lately we're really busy to have some friends-date, so lets just merge the party. The more the merrier!

Took place in The Plaza, Mulia Hotel. If someone ask me to describe the food, i'll say Marvelous! i was stuffed! We love the dessert table, they have lots ice cream flavors. And then the staffs sings a happy birthday song to us, yaaay!

Happy birthday again to us! Big number huh?!

The Cafe
Hotel Mulia, Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : +62 21 5747777


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