The Wedding of Bayu & Pipie

8:24 AM

One my high school friend is married! One of my gang when we were in 2nd grade. Actually they get married last week and already had reception. But because his father has really and many important colleagues in Jakarta, they held once again in Balai Samudera Kelapa Gading. So many familiar face become the guests, like our former President  Mr. SBY, and i saw Mr. Hatta Rajasa and i believe there's more but i was too busy overwhelmed by the foods! They're too good, love the salmon and baked potato. Not talk about the cake, the have zillion kind of cake and i just confused to pick which one.

and then this happen :
Dimas (over the phone): Sza, i'll just going outside for while
Me : why?
D : reschedule travel. Because Sh*t, there's Raisa on the stage. Gotta go!!
Me : (run over to the stage with tareek tea in my hand and busy taking pictures of Raisa)
and that's how we were in awe with this reception. Bravoo bravoooo

Happy wedding Om Bayu and Pipie, have a really good marriage life, foreveeer!


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