Wood Burner

3:36 PM

I've been seeing these particular tools through Pinterest. It's like drawing on the wood with very hot tool (i mean reaaally hot, just be careful). It's like soldering tool but has various tip. So i hunt this tool down.
First i was visiting ACE Hardware in GI, they said it was out of stock. I searched in craft store, they didnt have it. When i was in Bandung, Ibnu took me to the biggest ACE Hardware store in city and yay they have it! Mine is from Krisbow, they have six different pattern tips. If you want more various tip, you could buy the bigger one.

Let's try this bad ass tool! At first, it was really take the time to wait the tool to heat up.

If you want to change the tip you need to wait the tool to cool down first. Because like i said before, it's really hot. We really need practice to use this tool because sometime so hard to do swirl or anything except straight line pattern. Choose wood material like pine wood or oak.

Pinterest has many many pattern idea for wood burner, my eyes on the alphabet tip. Do you know where can i buy it? (please dont mention Amazon or Ebay, because i hate the pricey shipping cost T.T )

Happy making!


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