I'm Engaged!

1:12 PM

As you read above, yes I'm officially engaged with this guy. The "Lamaran" held last Saturday in my aunt's place. Because my big family mostly in Jakarta so it was good idea, that's why i have so many people give hands to help (thank youuuu). My best friends came too and even Dimas become the Photographer hahaha, but really, thanks guys it really meant a lot.

To you Fiance (cheesy, boooo) thanks for coming and bring your big family, though it was unbelievably so fast, but my family were very grateful for that day. We definitely will make our family bigger in the future haha.

I made the decoration from scratch, so much drama included also. But in the end, it was worth it! Thanks Pinterest, Bloggers, and Instagram, i can not mention one by one.

I know that the real homework is waiting. But you know, this lady need her time off from glue gun, paper and tape. Most importantly, i need to clean my room.

MUA : IkeaMakeOver, Shelomuart, Gabby
Photo : Dimas
Decoration : Leia Projects


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  1. Szay lancaaaar ampe hari H yaaahhh, dont forget to wear my gift at the right time, right place hahahhaha :P

    1. Hahahaaha awkaay, aku pake skrg ga boleh ya? 😂😂😂