Beehive Cafe and Eatery

10:07 AM

I always love brunch, it's like eating breakfast menu for lunch. One thing important about brunch is you need to find the perfect place to do it. Bandung has so many cool place for brunch, and we tried Beehive Cafe and Eatery after wrapping gift in Grow Gift Shop. The place has giant window which very nice for taking pictures (eyes on you IG-ers) but unfortunately i didnt bring my camera, so these were taken with my phone.

I ordered The Cuban, i always want to try that. And for him, Monster Burger which very large! It was okay, i mean the bread taste good, the meat cooks well done, i like the french fries cause it has spicy taste not like regular french fries. But there were annoying sound from the beverage area, it was blender sound. Every time they make some juice or drink, it sounds so loud and annoying, sorry to say.

If you bring kiddos with you, they have small playground while you enjoy your brunch and cup of tea.

Beehive Cafe and Eatery
Dayang Sumbi No. 1, Bandung
Phone : +62 22 2505801
Open hours: 8 am - 10 pm


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