Tom Tom Thailand Kitchen

9:06 AM

First post for 2016 about new restaurant that i just tried, called Tom Tom. It's in front of Warung Tinggi Grand Indonesia if you dont know where is it. I usually wont choose new cuisine beside Indonesian, Japan, Chinese or Italian whenever eating out. This was my first time tried Thailand Cuisine which somehow similar with Indonesian and Chinese.  But Thai cuisine rather spicy and it contains lots and lots garlic which make the soup taste soooo good.

I like the atmosphere in this restaurant, dim light and has cool color choice for the chair with industrial theme. I need to wait 10 minutes because there's queue for lunch here. I dont know that this place is hype.

We ordered Mango Sticky Rice (which very pricey compare with the main dish), Thai tea (off course) and Pad Prik Pao. It was spicy garlic clamp soup with rice. It was so so so good. Definitely will order again.

Tom Tom
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town West Mall 5TH #ED2-11A&B
Phone : +62 21 23580412
Open Hour : 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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