The Wedding of Helsi and Yusuf

8:21 AM

My best friend is married!!!!! Gosh, still overwhelmed with the last week wedding party. My bestest friend is now a wife. Still remember when she was still a single woman, my window shopping partner, and she is now has a husband. And the husband happened her best friend too, and my college friend also. Here's glimpse from the big day.

It was like a rendezvous as well, because it was like 'kumpul angkatan'. They came from Jakarta, Bandung, Banyuwangi, everywhere just to celebrate their wedding reception. I met my high school friends too. Yes, it was reunite for me.

So so so happy for both of you. Cup, please make her always happy. Heeeelsaaaay, wish happiness always be upon you and ucup and both family!


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