Myeong Ga

8:27 AM

If you want authentic Korean cuisine you could try this place. near International school which make mostly come there are foreigner. Ibnu want to Jajangmyeon since week a go, so there we go.

Ordered tteokbokki and this meat. I love the meat, it's sweet and juicy. Cheese tteokbokki is my favorite also, not too spicy like in Han Gan. Jajangmyeon? Not really my favorite. It didnt fit with my taste bud and for me, it was too salty.

They'll give you some various appetizer, such as kimchi, vegetables, kwetiau and my favorite is the spinach and tea. They taste really good.

I love the interior, with Korean utensils and my favorite is the small garden inside. They have this pretty little bridge with many twinkle light! Love it!

Myeong Ga
Jalan Ir Sutami No.52 A, Bandung
Phone : +62 22 2007363
Open Hours :  10:00 am – 10:00 pm


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