8:56 AM

Actually we wanted to go to Floating market in lembang, but the traffic drained our will to go there. So we made u-turn and ended up eat Surabi. Then Ibnu had this amazing idea to go to his favorite library near his old high school. I said i'm in!

Pitimoss located near SMA 5 and SMA 3 Bandung. They have many many books from manga to novel. I found The Famous Five or Lima Sekawan novel there, and i was so happy. My favorite detective novel since i was kid. I bet you know the story, my favorite characters is Annie and Julian. How about yours?

If you go there on Sunday, you'll get free reading there. Double happy.

Pitimoss Fun Library
Jl Banda 12-S Bandung
Tel/Fax. 022-4208072
Open Hours: 09.00 – 20.00


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