Happy Birthday Ibnu!

6:08 AM

Dear Masibnu,
Happy birthdaaaaaaaay! Seriously, 27 looks very good on you. May you always have a good life, health and prosperity year ahead! You know i'll always pray the best for you ✌
Usually i'll write down about the person who has their birthday. But you know, if  i start write down what i think about you, you'll start mocking me with "Ditszaaaaaaaaa chweeeeesssssyyyyy", but today i'll try not to sound too cheesy (hopefully). Ok, let's start!

You're the funniest guy i know, please dont say that i'm wrong, but it is! And not just for me, for people around you. You have this 'happiness and positive magnet' all over your body. You always alwaaaays knew how to find goodness in something, never talk bad about people. And that's how i keep adore you more and more. Please dont change :).

You're heavy sleeper and i get annoyed with that sometimes. How could a person get sleepy after wake up?! Hahaha. You start learn DIY thingy just because you said to me 'so there's someone made you DIY", that's the sweetest things to say. Dont stop me for making surprise(s) for you, cause that's my favorite things to do.

I'm sorry i make you heavier week by week, you're fun to be a meal partner. Still try to bear this long distance thingy. For some people JKT-BDG is not that far, but not seeing you in two or three weeks isn't my favorite thing to do. The see you soon waving and "tiati ya" always got me. Well, hopefully on your next year birthday, there's no more midnite call to say happy birthday. But i'll say that in front you.

I'll see you in two days! Selamat Puasaaaaaa hari pertama.

And happy birthday again to you, Silly.

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Yours truly,

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