Weekend Date

9:02 AM

My typical weekend change from sleeping-watching movies-all day to excited-waiting-weekend-to-come-because-the-special-manfriend-come (phewww that's long one). Anyway, last weekend we decided to explore KRL, yes that famous mass transport. I made itinerary for him that we would go to Jakarta Kota and picnic at Bogor in the next day.

Museum Bank Mandiri
This was my first time (and him off course) visit Museum Bank Mandiri. I love their big yard inside the building.

Kota Tua
This wasnt my first. We walk around Kota Tua for couple hours and in the end decided to go to GI instead haha

The next day...

Macaroni Panggang
I dont know about you but this macaroni isnt my favorite because sometimes i taste 'burn' inside the Macaroni. But the most delicious meal is Nasi Goreng Jamur or Mushroom Fried Rice. It was sooooooo good really, but it should be for two persons.

Picnic at Kebun Raya Bogor
This is my dream to have simple picnic with my special man friend. And thankfully he love the idea (insert sarcasm here) but so far the picnic was a big hit!

The weather is so friendly for two days, really! Alhamdulilaaaaaah :). Special thanks to my man-friend for reaaaally cooperate with the itinerary, next time is your turn to make one. I'll see you in two weeks, Silly.

Museum Bank Mandiri
Jl. Lapangan Stasiun No. 1, Jakarta Barat
Open hours: 8.00 - 16.00 (Closed on Monday)

Macaroni Panggang
Jl. Salak No.24, Babakan, Jawa Barat
Open Hours: 7.00 - 22.00


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