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For Muslim like Suci and I, to find proper meals in HK could be very hard. Despite the pricey price, they mostly sell pork for meals. But better you pack instant noodle just in case you couldnt find anything to eat. But i will tell you what we eat while were in HK and Macau. But it's easier if you stay around Causeway Bay because mostly Indonesian people live there, so there's so many Halal food around.

Hong Kong
We need to walk around like half and hour just to find proper halal meals while we were in HK. For easy pick we went to McDonald or just bought bread and banana milk in Seven Eleven.

We had lunch in City Gate, and because everything has pork except Pepper Lunch, Suci and I bought Pepper Lunch (and it's cheaper than in my country, HKD 42). Mocin could eat pork so he ordered Baked Cheese Rice with Pork, looks yummy hahaha

We eat Halal Dimsum in HK Islamic Center. They have the best Dim sum(HKD 11 each) i've ever taste! Because we were super hungry, we ordered so many. They sell chinese food also. For weekend they sell dim sum for Muslim only. Around causeway bay you could find many Indonesian food if you miss proper eating.

Dont for get to try the famous mango dessert called Hui Lau Shan. You can find this everywhere!

We tried this bubble waffle also (HKD 15)

For dinner because we couldnt find place to eat, we found this small cafe around Jordan street (i forgot the name) without pork menu in it. Bismilaaah hopefully it's safe. We ordered pasta, mine taste good but not for Suci and mocin's.

We went to Disneyland that day so we eat that pricey meals :( Disneyland has Halal meal in Tahitian Terrace in Adventureland area and Explorer's Club Restaurant in Mystic Point area (HKD 102)

You know that Disneyland has very very interesting snacks right, right, right? we couldnt say no to them! Korean squid snack (HKD 38) is must ordered!

Mickey pancake (HKD 50), chicken turkey and fish ball taste very good. We had dinner there also, we ordered squid noodle, it was plain :( (HKD65)

We went to Shenzhen this day, only eat McDonald, KFC and Subway nothing fancy.

Macau has the best street food! we were in heaven of egg tart (did i mention egg tart like million times? i'm obsessed!!). Mocin bought pork bun and pork dumpling, he said it tastes very very very good hahaha, he's happy in Macau. Suci and I bought this giant chicken (similar with Shihlin in Indonesia) and fish ball, dont forget to try the bubble tea also.

We found Indonesian restaurant while we strolled around Tsim Tsa Sui. It's near the museum. But i just knew they sell pork also, so just be careful ok.

We gain weight while in HK, really :p

Indonesian Restaurant
1/F-2/F, 66 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Open hours:12 pm - 10 pm

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