Hong Kong Trip : Souvenirs

7:55 PM

One place to buy souvenirs is this famous Ladies Market in Mongkok. You could find everything there. Fun fact, they could speak Indonesian or even Javanese, i think because so many Indonesian people go there. It sounds seriously funny when the said " telu satus".
I forgot to take pictures what i bought there hahaha, but i'll list what you could bring to home from Ladies Market.

1. Snacks and Chocolate
This one is definitely must have items, right? If you bored with usual chocolate, you could buy oat milk (HKD 23/ pack). I bought 2 packs of them and my coworkers finished it in no time (no idea either they were hungry or it tastes really good).

2. Pen
I bought two packs of them (HKD 100/pack) because i dont like key chain, it's useless.

3. Keychain
They have plenty of it. But my favorite is food theme, like dimsum, noodle or even rice with meat on top of it.

 source image here

4. Magnet for refrigerator
You could pick the HK theme or others, so many choice here.

5. T-shirt
Just be careful when buy T-shirt, because sometimes it has awful fabric. But fortunately we found one place that sell T-shirt with nice fabric with nice price also.

6. Chopstick
This would be great for souvenirs, but my wallet doesnt agree on it.

7. Figurine
I bought Naruto figurine for my special man-friend. Because he's been to HK, second is i've no idea what to give to him and i dont want it become "just usual". So figurine it is!

8. Character lego blocks
They sell various characters of lego blocks, i really wanted to buy one for me.

9. Umbrella
They sell cute umbrella everywhereee!

source image here

10. Porcelain meal set
If you want fancy thing, this would be great souvenirs for your boss or older colleagues or family.

Bargain it first, because they sell it half price higher than the actual price. Like you could have two packs of pen with that price instead of only one pack.

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