Hong Kong Trip : Disneyland

8:06 AM

Let's head to happiest in the world, Disneyland! We bought the ticket from our hostel. We took MTR to Sunny Bay then took Disney Train which very cute because it has Mickey window and the interior also.

This is my favorite day in 6 days in HK, met my favorite character since i was kid. I was in awe by Belle (what a pity i didnt have change to get pictures with her T.T ). The parades was awesoooome, my favorite is Paint The Night, the lights are greaaaat, and Belle looks whoa with her glow yellow dress. It was like a dream!
(Beware, this would be pictures spam. i'm sorry i cant decide :p )

My favorite ride beside the 3D or even 4D of everything in Disneyland are the roller coasters. Both are awesome, no twisting upside down, me likey!

There were two parades in Disneyland HK. One held at 3 pm and second one was at night. I love both but my favorite is when Belle coming through (off course).

Here's the first parade.

And here's the second one, they called it Paint The Night Parade. look at those light in the stores, pretty right!

The fireworks just aweeeeessoooooomeeeee! i"ll post the video later, it makes me very very very very very happy. Hopefully i could go to another Disneyland!

If you Muslim and have to pray or Sholat, you can go to The Town Hall located near front gate and ask the receptionist that you need to pray. They will give you the VIP Room there, the room is nice and should be for important people haha.

Disneyland Hong Kong
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Open hours: 10:30 am – 8:30 pm

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