Happy Birthday Papah!

10:07 AM

June, the 18th was my husband birthday! I know i know i wrote it way too late, almost a month. But please spare this new mom (hihihi). He's 29 years old and another year to the big 3 wohooo. We hope you will get the best in the world and jannah. Thanks for being you this whole time, we are very grateful to have you as my husband and Dzaka's father. Always healthy and happy birthday again Masibnuu!

We weren't celebrate it with surprise or cake because it was in Ramadhan month and it was on weekend. Usually we stay to his parent's house for weekend. But that weekend we decided to stay at home because we had something on that day (omg i forgot what it was hahaha). I had idea to surprise him wth special homemade birthday sahur. I made yellow rice with its complementary. I realized that we didnt have chicken so i changed it with chicken nugget instead. I secretly prepared everything while he's playing with Dzaka. I made an excuse to prepare sahur, but it was special one.

I woke up at half past 2 (usually i woke up at past 3) so i had time to cook everything. It was ready at 3.30 and i had time to add some "banner" that said Happy Birthday. I didnt have time to print it because it would be so obvious to him. I woke him up like usual and told him to go straight to table because i already prepare it there. And then i said surpriseeee!! (Then dzaka woke up because the noise haha), he surprise how could i prepare everything without his knowledge, yeah i'm that good (haha sombong). And that was all, we eat sahur together in his birthday. Not too fancy but it was worth the effort.

Happiest birthday again husband, jangan sirik sirik lagi dzaka mirip ibunya (piss love and gaul)


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