Pasar Cisangkuy

9:06 AM

The hype place of Pasar Cisangkuy! Mostly because Kue Cubit fancy as Ibnu said. Unfortunately because we were stuffed (i love you Sate Ayam jln.Anggrek) and Kue Cubit was on high demand so we need to wait like very long time, we decided to cancel it. But i did try yogurt, Pisang Ijo and Ronde.

Lucky for us it wasnt as crowded as on Saturday, it makes the place and the parking looked friendly.

I love their interior, combining from the old stuffs and modern stuffs, it's fun. Fyi, go there on weekdays just for your own good ;)

Pasar Cisangkuy
Jl Cisangkuy No. 64, Bandung
Open Hours:  Sunday - Thursday : 10 AM - 10 PM Friday - Saturday : 10 AM - 11 PM


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