Dusun Bambu

9:08 AM

Tho it was long weekend but the traffic and the crowd was surprisingly bearable. Maybe it was on Friday,people probably start to go outside on Saturday. So it was win-win for us, we got the pretty view, yumm foods and bearable traffic.

Dusun Bambu is one of the it-place for family lately. Located in Lembang which i adore because i could watch many many plants and flowers on the side of the road. If you want to go one stop place, you always could put Lembang on the list, because there are so many place to visit. Like Kampung Gajah, Sapu Lidi, Kampung Daun and many others. The specialty from Dusun Bambu are mostly they use bamboo and wood for everything. There's like this rooms which covered with branches, totally cool but you need to get the reservation first. The second one is flowers garden. They have so many kind of flowers and everything are pleasing for the eyes. You could also picking strawberry and have strawberry juice also, it was yummy and fresh!

They also have food court and i finally found Kembang Tahu seller, i'm on cloud nine! But because it was a little bit drizzle, the soil become a bit muddy and it didnt look good for my shoes and my feet because it was slippery.

After the rain the weather looked nicer :)

Here's quick video about the place.

Dusun Bambu Leisure Park
Jl. Kolonel Masturi Km. 11, Situ Lembang, Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Open Hours: 08.00 - 21.00


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