Helsi's Bachelorette Party

8:51 AM

My best friend is getting married! It always being my pleasure to arrange everything for party and it was my first time for bachelorette party, plus it's for Helsi the bestest friend in the world, so exciting! Theme for the party went from pink and gold to floral pink and then just went just wear whatever you like. Because we just really lazy to change our clothes once we get back to the room.

I made paper flowers (tutorial soon) and several party supplies that matched with theme. Bought the paper straw from months a go from ohprep (love their goodies!). Iena order the sash from Instagram and order the veil from her tailor.

Bought pink sparkling water just for fancy and i bought doughnut so i could make the ring. The party went just like that, nothing fancy or crazy. We just miss Helsi so much hahaha.

Then we took lots of lots pictures, well girls, please dont judge.

We rent a room in Great Western Resort and Apartment in Serpong and it's on the 32nd floor. The view is quite great.

Wish lots of happiness to come to Helsi the soon to be wife. So happy and i cant wait to see you look princess-ish in June :* :*


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