Happy Birthday Indro!

9:49 AM

Happy birthday again for April gang! So many friends born on this month. Indro or Indra is my college friend who usually we scold. Because he usually just do something silly and (mostly) Umik, Helsi and I scold him not to do this and that. He would say "Haduuuhh mesti kok wong telu iki" hahahaha. He'll get marry soon (i think) but he just not being serious about it, and then he get scolded by us again, and again and again and again. We hate ask him to take picture for us because it always turn blur, he has shaken hand -_-" But when we were still in college, we usually ask him to accompany the girls to eat with others haha.

Happy bday again Ndrooo. Wish the best things in the world for you, and good luck fot your soon marriage! ( ps: ojo guyonan terus ta!)


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