Gold and Silver

4:12 PM

My favorite color is blue through and through. Since i was kid my parent would give me that color for everything. Color gender doesnt apply in my family hahaha. But as i grew up and (lately) i found that i easily distracted with something shiny, like gold and silver. I have my beloved gold shoe (which i wear everywhere). Sometimes i put something gold or silver in party theme. Here's my favorites around the web (watch out! probably you should wear your shade :p)

Source: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9

Put a pinch of glitter or choose something has gold or silver in it, it'll easily make the difference (my eyes on you Trex ring and Silver necklace!). Good news for you, Zalora has silver necklace collections you can choose. Just go there and pick your favorite!


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